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Protect & Preserve Your Health Freedoms
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    There are a number of reasons why blood plays an extremely important role for the proper function of our body. One of the main reasons is that it helps to supply oxygen to our brain and vital organs as well as it conveys both red and white blood cells in the body. So, without proper […]

    The post Why Do You Constantly Have Cold Feet and Hands? appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    A new study reveals how a vascular system may be grown from a common green most people eat for dinner. Published by the journal Biomaterials earlier this month, the information shows how scientists were able to successfully build a working human heart muscle from spinach. According to National Geographic, the newfound ability to grow a […]

    The post Medical Scientists Grow Beating Heart Tissue from a Spinach Leaf! appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    Are you feeling tired today? Much of the UK got up an hour earlier than usual this morning, following the start of daylight savings. But there’s evidence that the clocks changing can have much more serious effects too, including heart attacks and strokes. There’s little doubt that British Summer Time (BST) brings benefits, including reducing […]

    The post Changing Clocks Twice A Year Is Bad For Health And Energy Use appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    Nowadays, one of the most dangerous and life-threatening diseases is cancer which has a high mortality rate and the worst part is that there is still no cure. The best solution for us is to lead a healthy lifestyle. Even though medicine is working hard on finding the cure, there is still no proper solution. […]

    The post Russian Scientist: ‘Just 4 Tbs. of This Mixture a Day and Cancer Will Withdraw From The Body!’ appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    It may seem odd, but Potato juice is actually known for the treatment of several diseases, and conditions. Successfully treated diseases reported are: Gastritis: 1 Tbsp of potato juice, diluted with some water, should be taken half an hour before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Gastric ulcer: 50ml of potato juice on an empty stomach and […]

    The post Potato Juice: A Remedy For Some of the Most Serious Diseases appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    An alarming meta-analysis published in the journal Nutrients titled, “Cardiovascular Effects of Calcium Supplements,” brings to the forefront the serious though mainly downplayed health risks associated with calcium supplementation, concluding they increase the risk of heart attack by 27%-31% and the risk of stroke by 12%-20%. The study based its findings on randomized, placebo-controlled trials, […]

    The post Dangerously Inaccurate Calcium Supplement Recommendations appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    The humble garlic, which is closely related to the onion, is one of the earliest documented plants used by humans for treating disease and maintaining health. Egyptian medical texts, for instance, prescribed garlic for parasites, malaise, circulatory problems and abnormal growths. The Greek physician, Hippocrates, recommended garlic for pulmonary conditions, sores, and cancer. Garlic was […]

    The post Garlic’s Allicin Is A Major Disease Fighter of Cancer, Heart Disease and Cognitive Decline appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    A person’s blood type may have an effect on his or her chances of getting a heart attack, new research suggests. Researchers from the Netherlands have found that people who are not in the O blood group – meaning blood types A, B, and AB – may have a higher risk of developing cardiovascular problems, […]

    The post Risk Of Heart Attack Linked With Blood-Types appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    When one starts to go gray it can be a cause of worry. But as we get older we see it as a badge of wisdom. That has been the common theme of coming to accept your gray hair. But new research, recently presented at the annual meeting of the European Society of Cardiology in […]

    The post Gray Hair Reveals Your Heart Health, According to New Research appeared first on HealthFreedoms.

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    Working more than 55 hours a week significantly increases the risk of developing serious heart problems, researchers have found. People who work such long hours are 40 per cent more likely to suffer an irregular heartbeat than those who work a normal working week of 35 to 40 hours, according to a study. Long shifts […]

    The post Working Overtime Could Be Bad For Your Heart appeared first on HealthFreedoms.